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  • Rodrigo Braz Vieira

Die große GEO-Show – In 55 Fragen um die Welt - Norwegen

For RTL4 Deutschland Popular Quiz Show Die große GEO-Show, 5 German celebrities are sent to different parts of the world for a great and meaningful experience. Frank "Buschi" Buschmann came to northern Norway to experience fabulous nature and have a close encounter with wolves.

Geo-Show Norwegen
Die Große Geo-Show Norwegen

Filmed in between Harstad and Bardufoss with magnificent autumn colors, Fixer in Oslo collaborated with RTL Deutschland with all the needed local services.

Fixer in Oslo provided:

- German-speaking Local Producer / Fixer

- German speaking Camera Operator

- Travel Logistics

- Transportation

- Accommodation

- Location Scouting

- Film Permits

- Research and Pre-Production

Video can be seen at RTL+ (need to sign up).

Some behind the scenes pictures:

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