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Production Service Company for Content Creators and Journalists in Norway

Fixer in Oslo offers trustworthy local production support services, we assist international media companies with their TV, Film, Photography projects in the whole of Norway. Get to know more about us

Our Services

Production Services

All the services needed for a smooth production in Norway, leaving you focused on the creative part of your project. We offer producers, fixers, production assistants, transportation, crew, equipment rental, translation, research and much more.

Research and Pre-Production

Fixer in Oslo collaborates with the needed local research and all pre-production arrangements. We can come up with great ideas of topics and interesting stories. Just contact us.

Location Scouting in Norway

We assist you with the needed research and secure the most stunning and appropriate locations and film permits in the whole of Norway.


A time consuming part of the production, specially when done abroad. We are based in Norway with all the local knowledge to offer you the most adequate transportation, reasonable accommodation, catering, scheduling and accurate travel planning cost-smart budgeting.

Fixer in Norway and Local Crew

We work with fixers in whole Norway together with hand-picked highly skilled DoP, Sound Operator, PA, Runner, Camera Operator, Focus Puller, Gaffer and all the local professionals needed for a successful production in Norway. 

Multilingual Service

Although English is widely used in the film industry and in Norway in general, for non enligh speakers sometimes is always more comfortable to have a local partner that speaks your language besides the local Norwegian and English. We offer our services also in German, Dutch, French, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages upon request.

Equipment Rental

Be it a last minute need, or donæt want to bring all the equipment for your project in Norway, we can provide you that needed equipment for your shoot in Norway.

Photo Shooting

We offer assistance on photo shootproduction in Norway. Casting, Photographers, Location Scouting, Stylist and more. Contact us to discuss your project.

What some of our clients says about us:

I engaged Rodrigo Braz Viera recently for a very complex shoot taking place across Norway. Rodrigo was an invaluable resource across the shoot who approached every problem or request I placed in front of him with cool and calm professionalism. He has excellent pre-production skills, a great problem-solving demeanor on shoot, and most importantly is a very nice guy and a pleasure to work with

Conor Jones

20ten Production

We worked twice with Rodrigo Braz Vieira in Norway in the last couple of months for a Hulu series. Both times he and his team provided fantastic service including helping to find locations, providing crew and equipment and generally helping our English speaking crew navigate a logistically challenging shoot in Norway. I highly recommend his services.

Steven Gruskin

ABC News

I have been working with Rodrigo Braz Vieira during a Travel Tv Show. I contacted Rodrigo because We needed a fixer there on the ground who helped us to get places for our TV Show. He gets different places for us, He is very efficient and professional and He Knows how works and Oslo and surroundings

Javier Jarne

La Cometa TV

In October we were in Oslo for a documentary on behalf of ZDF. During the preparation phase as well as on the day of the shooting itself, we found a competent and always professional team that understood our ideas quickly and implemented them effectively. Whether it was location scouting, on-site research or short-term changes to the set, we always felt safe and understood. Thanks to the good cooperation, we had an extremely successful day of shooting in Oslo

Tugay Tumay 

Storyhouse Production

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