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Fixer in Oslo is a local Production Service Company that provides problem-solving solutions and arrangements for hassle-free and successful filming projects in Norway. We are based in Oslo, the largest city and main gateway of the country. Some of the services we provide:

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Rodrigo Braz Vieira 

Founder at Fixer in Oslo

Rodrigo Braz Vieira (1981) has a 12 year experience as local TV production support professional for international TV and press in his home country Brazil, always highly recommended for his professionalism and seriousness at work. He has a natural broad cultural and society interest; curious, flexible with strong communication skills. With his previous experience in Brazil and South America where situations change fast and without notice he developed a broad set of skills and expertise tools for his new challenge in Norway.  

Since 2012 Rodrigo has extensively traveled through Norway getting to know this fascinating country, its breathtaking nature, and unique locations as well as its culture and history. In 2019 Rodrigo has moved to Oslo the political and the media capital of Norway. During his time living in Oslo he has studied deeply the city, Norwegian institutions, culture, history, contradictions, and differences, building and serious and important and solid knowledge and a useful network of valued contact.

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Fixer in Oslo is a brand of

Cocar International AS

Organisasjons nummer: 924887478

Oslo, Norge

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