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Filming in Norway

Norway is a country with a dramatic astonishing landscape with high mountains, deep fjords, green forests, high cliffs, sandy beaches and much more. Due to its low populational density and an important sense of natural conservation the country has large parts with an intact nature.

Besides the uniqueness of its location, which is a must for any filmmaker of photographer in search of a breathtaking scenery, Norway also possess charming historical towns and cities and effervescent cultural life.

Norway is also known for its Nordic modern architecture in public buildings such as libraries and museums and private companies headquarters as well.

Here are some of the stories and topics there are interesting for journalists and filmmakers when choosing Norway to film.


  • Viking history and culture

  • Architecture both historical and modern

  • Northern Lights and Midnight Sun

  • Arctic Circle, North Cape, and Svalbard

  • Wildlife

  • Sami indigenous people of Norway

  • Norwegian personalities such as: Edvard Munch, Jo Nesbø, Henrik Ibsen, Fridtjof Nansen, A-Ha, Roald Amundsen and others.

  • Winter sports. Lillehammer 1994

  • Norwegian National Day. 17th of May

  • Challenges in transition from an Oil Country into a more Green Economy.

  • Norwegian welfare system

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