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Norwegian Local Crew

In Norway there are plenty of high-quality professionals, Norwegian crews are renowned for their experience and very high on-set efficiency and are accustomed to working with international crews and sets.

Nearly all crew in Norway speak excellent English and some of them other languages such as German, French, Spanish, and others.

When seeking for local crew in an unknown country, it is always time-consuming work to look online and search for references. Fixer in Oslo works with a series of competent local professionals ensuring an efficient and hassle-free production.


Some of the Norwegian local crew we can provide:


  • Camera Operator

  • DOP

  • Sound Technician

  • Make-up artist

  • Gaffer

  • 1st AC / Focus Puller

  • DIT

  • Production Assistant

  • Runner/Driver

  • Fixer

  • Line Producer


Let us know what your necessities are, and get in contact with us, for a quote and availability.

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