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Fixer and Local Producer in Norway

For a successful and smooth international media production in Norway, the work of a fixer or a local producer is extremely valued. With in-local first-hand knowledge translates into a time and money-saver for any kind of project.

Although Norway is a very straightforward country, easy to navigate and most of the inhabitants speak good English or even a second or third European language, in many places, though, it is very useful to have a local Norwegian speaker person not only to help with the language communication but also with the cultural differences and misunderstandings, when working in the country.

When shooting, even when everything is well planned and organized ahead of time, something unexpected can happen that could cause delays or impediments. A local fixer with a network of contacts and deep local knowledge will be of incredible help in solving problems quickly on the site.

With Fixer in Oslo, we work with highly qualified local producers, fixers, or production assistants all over the country, for any kind of project, whether it’s a photo shoot, documentary, interview, travel show, corporate film, may it be a small or bigger project, we can always assist with our team. 

Contact us to discuss your project and have a proposal.

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