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  • Rodrigo Braz Vieira

Top 10 Reasons to choose Norway as your Film destination in 2024

Film location Norway
Scenic Road Norway

Here is a short compilation of reasons to select Norway as your destination for a film or media project in 2024.


1. Scenic Beauty: Norway boasts breathtaking landscapes, including fjords, mountains, forests, and coastal regions, providing diverse and visually stunning backdrops for filming. Iconic locations like the fjords of Western Norway and the Lofoten Islands offer unparalleled natural beauty.


2. Northern Lights: The opportunity to capture the mesmerizing aurora borealis, or northern lights, is a major draw for filmmakers. Norway's northern regions, such as Tromsø and Svalbard, offer prime viewing locations for this natural phenomenon.


3. Midnight Sun: During the summer months, parts of Norway experience the midnight sun phenomenon, where the sun remains visible around the clock. This unique lighting condition can create striking visuals and extend filming hours.


4. Infrastructure and Services: Norway boasts a well-developed infrastructure with modern facilities, including production studios, equipment rental companies, and post-production facilities. Additionally, the country offers reliable transportation networks and accommodations for film crews.


5. Government Support: Norway offers incentives and support programs to attract international film productions. The Norwegian Film Institute provides funding, grants, and assistance to both domestic and foreign filmmakers, encouraging investment in the local industry.


6. Safety and Stability: Norway is known for its political stability, low crime rates, and high safety standards, making it an attractive and secure filming destination for international crews.


7.Cultural Heritage: Norway's rich cultural heritage and history provide ample opportunities for storytelling and period dramas. Historic landmarks, traditional architecture, and cultural festivals add depth and authenticity to film productions.


8. Environmental Sustainability: Norway is committed to environmental sustainability and has strict regulations in place to protect its natural resources. Filmmakers can showcase the country's commitment to sustainability while filming in its pristine environments.


9. Talented Crews: Norway is home to a pool of talented filmmakers, technicians, and actors who contribute to the success of film productions. Local crews are experienced, professional, and capable of handling diverse projects.


10. Unique Locations and Settings:

 From modern urban environments like Oslo and Bergen to remote wilderness areas, Norway offers a wide range of unique filming locations. Whether filmmakers seek urban grit or untouched wilderness, Norway has something to offer for every production.


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