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  • Rodrigo Braz Vieira

7 Reasons to choose Norway as a Film Production Location in 2021

After a year of 2020 with uncertainty and heavily travel restrictions between countries, seriously affected international film productions in generating varied and high-quality content to their viewers and markets. The second semester 2021 presents itself with a glimpse of hope at certain degree of normality will be achieved.

The Norwegian government is careful now and poses several inbound travel measures for non-residents and is still not possible for film crews and journalists to come to Norway without quarantine of at least 7 days. But with the actual positive developments and vaccinations gives us all hope that by the summer this year, a freer traveling would be allowed again, or at least for journalists and international film production teams.

For TV and media producers, journalists, photographers specially based in Europe. Norway poses a high-class destination for your project. Here is a list of 7 good reasons to include this fantastic Fjord country as a priority.

1- Astonishing unique landscapes

Norway is known for its breathtaking sceneries and locations. Ranging from the famous fjords, high mountains, forests, beaches, impressive dramatic landscapes and charming and historical towns. In addition to that, Norway has an extremely well defined four seasons. Which means that the country basically transforms into four totally different countries in winter, spring, summer and autumn.

2- Top Infrastructure

Excellent transportation with airports in the main cities throughout the country, good roads, trains and ferryboat connections to the most isolated islands and fjords makes Norway into high connected country. Communication works smoothly with an outstanding 4G connection even in the most remote places in the whole country. Norway has good quality and affordable accommodations, and most are open for good deals for extended use or large groups.

3- Highly qualified local crew

Norwegian professionals in the film industry are highly skilled and experienced. Most speaks good English or other languages like German, French or Spanish which facilitates the communication with international film crews. It is completely possible to outsource your production to a local team and avoid bringing the whole team to Norway.

4- Government Incentive and grants

Depending on the project size and conditions, it is perfectly possible to get tax deduction and funds for projects in Norway, including a local Norwegian co-production company. More information on the website of the Norwegian Film Institute

5- Low cases during the pandemic

Norway has a very low death and infection rates related to COVID-19, all the major cities has a very low demographic concentration and most of the rural location haven’t even had any death cases related to the pandemic. Which makes Norway one of the safest countries in Europe for TV production.

6- Oslo

The capital of Norway is a special city for journalists and film crews, it assembles great urban locations with many well-preserved historic buildings in contrast with extremely modern areas and all surrounded by green forests and the Oslofjord. Oslo is the main political, cultural and economic center where decisions and happenings are concentrated. On the 22 July of 2021 is the 10-year anniversary of the most dramatic moment of the Norwegian history after WW2, the terrorist bombing and shooting led by the far-right extremist Anders Breivik.

7- Close distance to main European capitals.

Oslo and Bergen airports have the main airports of Norway with daily flights of aprox. 2 hours to the main European capitals like Brussels, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Warsaw. Train connections to Stockholm and ferry lines to Denmark and Germany.

Recently many criticisms were raised upon the Norwegian authorities tight restriction on traveling of journalists and media personnel, according to the website Journalisten the European Surveillance Authority has sent some questionings regarding the mandatory quarantine for journalists entering the country.

There could be some change in the rules in the next months, so if you plan to include Norway in any future project and need local support for travel logistics, transportation, fixer, equipment rental, please send us an email so we can discuss all the possibilities and possible collaborations in Norway.

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