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Scandinavian Folk Racing - Off Grid with Archie Hamilton

Professional racing driver and content creator Archie Hamilton came to Norway invited by Velo Global to challenge his skills on a quite unusual race but quite popular one in Norway and in Scandinavia called bilcross (folkrace in English).

In Norway he met with the Norwegian rallycross professional driver Andreas Bakkerud to receive some tips and help on his challenge.

British production house 20Ten contacted Fixer in Oslo to take care of the local logistics. We provided the following services for the show:

- Travel arrangements

- Location Scouting

- Transportation and accommodation

- Fixer and Local Producer

- FPV Drone Images

- Film Permits

- Interview Arrangements

Bilcross Norway, Folkrace Norway, Velo Global, Archie Hamilton, Andreas Bakkerud
Velo Off Grid Norway

Here is the result of the two episodes of the program.

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